FAQs: Bone Density Screening

Q:What method does Health Dimensions use to conduct this test?

A:Bone Sonometry – Ultra sound method

Q:What is bone sonometry?

A:Bone Sonometry (Ultra-Sound) – method is a quick, accurate and safe method to assess your risk of bone fracture.

Q:What is the advantage to this type of testing?

A.Bone sonometry testing is conducted without exposing the participant to radiation. While x-ray methods measure the density of bone, sonometry provides information relating to the strength of the bone, which is important in determining fracture risk. With this ultra sound method the results are ready in a few minutes!

Q:What part of the body do you take the measurement from?

A.The heel — an ideal site to measure “bone health”. We will need one “bare” foot – so please remove the shoe and sock from your least dominant foot.

Q:Do you need electricity to conduct these tests?

A.Yes —the equipment that we use needs to be plugged in – so we will need to be set up near an electrical outlet.We will bring our own electrical cords and adaptors.

Q:Do you need to be “inside” to conduct the screening?

A.We can operate outside, as long as we are not in direct sun or extreme cold. The equipment will “shut down” with either too much heat or cold. It is best to have these tests inside if at all possible. If we must be outside, we will set up with a protective sun umbrella.

Q:Do you bring consent forms for the participants to sign?

A.Yes, we will bring consent forms for each participant to fill out prior to testing

Q:Will the results be provided in a written format?

A.Yes — each participant will receive a computerized print out and their educational handout. Our staff will be glad to review their results and answer basic questions.

Q:Can we have an aggregate report developed from the test results?

A.Yes, for those clients who request a report, Health Dimensions will prepare an “aggregate” report (no names … please), so that you can see how many of those tested were low risk, medium risk, or high risk. The report is generated in Excel – color pie chart. There is no extra charge for this service — it’s complimentary.

Q:What is the cost of this screening?… and how do I order this test?

*There is a 2 hour minimum cost for this service (you can have us for less time, but we are paid for a minimum of 2 hours)
*The cost of this screening is based on how many densitometers (units) you want at the event and how many staff per unit.
*When you contact us we will need to know how many Units you want and how many staff with each unit
*For larger groups, you may want to consider multiple Units (Densitometers) and additional staff.
*See our Service and Fee Schedule for a complete listing of pricing

Q:What time does the Health Dimensions staff arrive?

A.Unless otherwise requested, our screening staff will arrive at your event one half hour prior to “start time”. They will bring everything that they need to set up for the screenings. (Note: Our Health Expo coordinators typically arrive 3 hours prior to “start time”.)

Q.How do we pay for your services?

A.Health Dimensions will send you an invoice after the program.

Q.When is the payment due?

A.Upon receipt.