FAQs: DermaScan Screening

Have you had too much fun in the sun?

Q:What is DermaScan or DermaView Screening?

A: The DermaScan magnifies the image of your face using a black light. This black light will highlight the harmful effects of overexposure from the sun’s UV rays – Sun Damage!

Q:What do participants actually see when they view their face in the DermaScan

A:They will see their face mirrored back at them under the black light. They will see various levels of florescent hues, depending on the oily, dry and sun damaged areas of their face. This is NOT a skin cancer screening.

Q:What does the technician say to the participant?

A. The technician will alert them to the areas of face that are oily, dry or sun damaged. The technician will be explaining the differences in the sun’s damaging rays, and the importance of wearing sun screen. They will also be encouraged to avoid the sun for long periods of time, drink plenty of water, and see their dermatologist for an annual skin exam.

Q:How do I order this service?

A. Just let us know how many staff you want…. One, Two, Three ….. One person can test approximately 25 attendees in an hour. For large groups, you will want to order additional staff. Each staff person will have 1 DermaScan unit (machine)

Q:Do we need to provide electricity for this service?

A. As with all our events, electricity is required. We will provide the necessary extension cords.

Q:What time does the Health Dimensions staff arrive?

A. Unless otherwise requested, our screening staff will arrive at your event one half hour prior to “start time”. They will bring everything that they need to set up for the screenings. (Note: Our Health Expo coordinators typically arrive 3 hours prior to “start time.)

Q:How do we pay for your services?

A.Health Dimensions will send you an invoice after the program.

Q:When is the payment due?

A. Payment is due upon receipt.

Q:Do you accept credit cards for payment?

A. Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.