FAQ's: Total Cholesterol and Glucose Screening

Q:Do the participants have to “fast” for Total Cholesterol or Glucose?

A: No — The tests are accurate without fasting.

Q:How is the blood sample obtained?

A:A simple finger-stick – a few drops of blood.

Q:How long does it take to get my results?

A. Results for Glucose are ready in 4 Seconds. Results for Cholesterol are ready in 3 minutes.

Q:Will the results be provided in a written format?

A. Yes, the results will be written on an educational handout. Our staff will also be glad to review your results and answer your basic questions.

Q:Do you need electricity to conduct these tests?

A. No — the testing equipment uses batteries.

Q:Do you need to be “inside” to conduct the screening?

A. We can operate outside, as long as we are not in direct sun or extreme cold. The equipment will “shut down” with either too much heat or cold. It is best to have these tests inside if at all possible. If we must be outside, please set up our tables with a protective awning or sun umbrella.

Q:Do you bring consent forms for the participants to sign?

A. Yes, we will bring consent forms for each participant to fill out prior to testing.

Q:Can we have an aggregate report developed from the test results?

A. Yes, for those clients who request a report, Health Dimensions will prepare an “aggregate” report (no names … please), so that you can see how many of those tested were low risk, medium risk, or high risk. The report is generated in Excel – color pie chart. There is no extra charge for this service — it’s complimentary.

Q:What is a “Test Minimum” – Cholesterol and Glucose?

A. The “Test Minimum” is:
– the “minimum” number of tests that Health Dimensions will be paid for.
– selected “prior” to an event, based on projected participation
– can be raised or lowered “prior” to the event date
– not adjusted after the event
– helps us to plan for the number of staff that will be needed at your event
– helps us to determine the amount of supplies that are needed for your event – we always bring plenty of extra supplies!

Q:What happens if at our event we go “over” the test minimum?

A.You will be invoiced for the minimum and any tests over the minimum – at the rate established at the time of the booking – see your confirmation. (You can also set a STOP or MAX number of tests)

Q:What happens if we go “under” the test minimum?

A. Health Dimensions is paid for the “test minimum.” Example: If a 100 test minimum is selected and 80 tests are done, Health Dimensions is paid for 100 tests at the 100 test minimum rate. We do not “adjust” the minimum after the program.