Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Q. When will I receive my invitations to the events?

A:As soon as your membership begins, you will start to receive invitations to events. Then, every month you will receive additional choices for the following month. For example, we will e-mail you July invitations in June, August invitations in July, and so on.

Q:I received my invitations. Now how do I RSVP?

A: All expo invitations are sent via email with a profile detailing the specifics of the expo attached. Upon receipt of an invitation, please RSVP by clicking “Reply” and typing in the body of the email a “Yes” that you plan to attend, or a “No” that you are unable to attend. You will receive an email back from your Event Coordinator acknowledging receipt of your intention. Your reply MUST be received within seven days of the invitation in order to guarantee your space at each expo, as per your Exhibitor Agreement – having received an invitation alone does not guarantee you a table; you MUST reply to the invitation.

Q:I was e-mailed invitations but there were no attachments.

A. Sometimes this is an e-mail error and can be simply remedied by clicking “Forward” on the toolbar. Often, the invitations will appear in the forwarded message. If this does not happen, contact your event coordinator immediately.

Q:I was e-mailed invitations but I am not able to fill in my RSVPs.

A.In order to fill out the e-mail response form, you first need to click on the “Reply” button on your e-mail program’s toolbar. Then you will be able to fill in your responses. Once you’ve completed the form, hit the “Send” button to submit your RSVPs.

Q:Will I be invited to every Expo?

A.Your membership with Health Dimensions entitles you to a minimum number of Expos that you will be able to attend during your membership, with no maximum or upper limit. While you will be able to choose from a good variety of Expo invitations every month, we are not able to provide you with invitations to every event we coordinate for a number of reasons. At some events, we are limited by the number of exhibitors we can include or by the types of exhibitors we can feature, etc. Please be assured that you will have plenty of opportunities to make those important face-to-face connections with your prospective clients. If you ever have a question about the invitations you receive, please contact your event coordinator or speak with your sales representative.

Q:I am unable to attend an Expo. What should I do?

A.Please call our office or e-mail the event team if you are unable to attend an event, even if it’s last minute. That way, we’ll know not to hold a table for you.

Q:Will I have Internet access at the events?

A.No, but electricity is always available upon request.

Q:What should I take with me to the Expos?

A.A list of both required and optional exhibit supplies is provided for you here.

Q:How big is my booth space?

A.The standard booth consists of a 6-foot table, with a depth of 3 feet, draped with a black linen tablecloth.

Q:How does the speaker program work?

A.If you are comfortable in front of a crowd and enjoy educating an audience, we encourage you to join our respected Speakers Bureau. Sign up by completing the Registration Form and fax it back to us. Then, when one of our corporate clients requests one of the seminars that you have registered for, we will contact you to see if you are available to make the presentation. Our corporate clients regularly submit their requests for a variety of seminar topics and we rotate speaking opportunities between the speakers who are signed up for those particular seminars. Click here for additional information on the Speaker Education Program.