Speakers Bureau

Every Health & Lifestyle Expo that Health Dimensions coordinates is followed by a full year of free quarterly lunchtime speaker programs. We offer a wide variety of lunch-hour programs for the purpose of improving clients health, morale and motivation. Our goal is to bring self-responsibility skills to the workplace in a unique, skillful and professional format designed for maximum interest and interaction. That’s why we call it a”Year of Better Living!”

Here is a sampling of seminars and general topics available from our Lunch and Learn Speakers

Dental Health – learn what foods to eat for
optimal oral health, and how oral health is a
major contributor to total wellness

Eldercare – options for children of aging
parents, and information about dealing with
the diseases associated with aging

Exercise & Fitness – review fitness goals
and techniques, learn how to incorporate a
fitness routine into any busy schedule

Family Finances – information on debt
cancelling, family budgeting, credit score
info, planning for your financial future

Homeopathic & Alternative Medicine
information on herbal remedies, alternative
treatments such as acupuncture, reflexology,
biofeedback, and more

Nutrition/Weight Control – learn how to
create a healthier diet and incorporate
balanced nutrition into a busy lifestyle

Personal Development – learn how to set
and achieve goals, improve self-awareness,
fulfill aspirations, and/or develop talents

Personal Health – information on how to
achieve a healthy work/life balance, and/or
get help with unhealthy habits or addictions

Safety/Ergonomics– discussions on
workstation wellness, staying alert on the
job, and injury prevention

Skin Care – how to protect and maintain
your body’s largest organ for overall health

Stress Management – learning to relieve
tension, eliminate toxins, cope with and
reduce stress for better overall health

Vision Health – learn how to identify
potential vision problems and protect vision
from damaging environmental factors

Vacation Ideas – ideas for stress-relieving
get-away, trip planning, and great deals

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