What our exhibitors are saying…

In this world of incredible competition, the professional in the medical field has to make shrewd and cost effective decisions when promoting one’s practice. My staff has become extremely effective in promoting my office to the various companies. We receive patients from almost all our screenings and they are usually discerning patients that appreciate the value of high quality service and materials. I would not hesitate in recommending Health Dimensions to all those professionals in the health industry who would like an effective way to promote their practices.
—Dr. Gary Sneag

It’s hard to believe I have been participating in your Healthy Living Expos for practically ten years now. And I have to tell you, the Expos just keep getting better! Thank you for being so flexible and responsive to our needs. I have worked with companies similar to yours and have found none that compare to your customer service, quality of clientele and Expo coordination. You consistently offer us the most opportunities to attend events for some of the best organizations in the area. It is a great way for Scripps Health to promote its services and physicians and offers a unique one-on-one interaction with potential customers. I would also like to mention the wonderful experiences I have had with your staff. Your event coordinators are friendly and helpful. I particularly like when the event coordinators walk the human resources person around to meet the exhibitors. It’s a wonderful chance to build relationships with corporate clients. I look forward to sharing another successful ten years with Health Dimensions.
—Scripps Health

Health Dimensions has produced such positive results for us. We attend the expos on a regular monthly basis. Of course, the attendance varies from expo to expo, but that is to be expected based on the size of the company. Regardless of the number of attendees at each event, I can honestly say that we have converted new patients from every single expo we have attended through Health Dimensions. We have spent thousands of dollars on advertising, and nothing has delivered as quickly and cost-efficiently as HD Expos.
—Eric Johnson, D.D.S.

I have been in this industry for 30+ years and have attended many a “health fair”. The Expo you put together for Cal Quality was truly special. Professionally done, and so much fun for the employees. Everything the vendors needed was complete and provided. The continuing “care” was great; from the moment I pulled up to unload, until I drove away, I was assisted and made comfortable.
—Blue Shield of California

I honestly have to admit that my main source of clients has been from Health Dimensions. There is really no better way to meet and network than being inside a company. Through the excellent organization of Health Dimensions and the brightness of Rodell’s management, we have been successful in offering our services. We are proud to be part of their group.
—Waddell & Reed